Press Office

Press Office remains one of the most cost-effective ways to publish your own brand narrative and thus generate leads, enhance bonds with the stakeholders, and build a stronger corporate reputation. At wellenwide we pride ourselves for the successful 18-year track record in a wide range of Press Office and Media Relations management projects of demanding and challenging goals.

Social Media Storytelling

Our background in communication and Greek, French, and English literature is an asset for our clients' online reputation. We create, and post engaging content for online targeted audiences. 


Our exposure to diverse corporate cultures, industries, and business models, and involvement in a vast array of communication programmes and PR campaigns, allow us to deliver winning strategy to our clients. We work close to the company's CEOs and MarComms to develop appropriate message strategies for the company's stakeholders. 

Crisis Communication and Media Training

No company is immune to crisis. We have been helping corporate leaders avoid their company's downfall, restore their reputation, and achieve remarkable communication impact on a number of occasions: product failures and recalls, customer complaints, fabrications and lawsuits, local community relations disorder, natural disaster, environmental harm, human-error accidents, industrial accidents, low employee morale, workers on strike, executive’s suicide.  

Market and Media Intelligence

We provide CEOs and MarComms departments with key information about the market and the consumer trends that are critical to their market entry strategy. Leading companies of various industries that consider to invest, or have an established presence in the Greek market have opted for the wellenwide services. The main reason is that our model is based on human intelligence rather than keywords.  And that’s what makes this wellenwide service precious to our clients.

Communication and PR for Startups

Entrepreneurship Education, Corporate Branding, and Public Relations for Startups, SMEs, and Sole Entrepreneurs . Becoming an Entrepreneur requires a vision and lots of passion, but at the same time it requires experience in business and communication. 90% of the startups fail. We can help you be that 10%. 

Internal Relations

We have long-lasting experience in internal relations and labour union relations. We help companies develop internal communication campaigns for corporate issues - like safety, equality, and diversity-, and engaging content for their in-house print and digital media. 

Organisational Development

The future of companies lies in their leadership model, corporate culture & employees' soft skills. The wellenwide employee engagement experts and soft skills trainers have been helping companies increase the value and capacity of your internal audiences and reverse underachievement in business.

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