Sisyphus and his boulder on a hill


Working in a country of demotivation. 


by Sophia Halkidou, founder of wellenwide corporate affairs and PR.


I feel a lot for my country. I respect my origins, my ancestors, my Greek DNA. However, it would have been a lie if I didn’t say that working in Greece, investing in Greece is pretty much like the regularly quoted story of Sisyphus and his boulder on a hill. The repetitive inhalation–exhalation cycle is exhausting, but most of all it is de-motivational.


As modern Sisyphus, Greek citizens are struggling to survive. And it appears that -in this environment of unemployment, fear and uncertainty- many are the employers who were ready to cherish the opportunity to push their employees beyond their limits.


So, is Greece on the verge of a new business era? An era of demotivation and poor employee relations?


Possibly. However, one should consider that many are the businesses that choose to remain sustainable and recession-resilient by becoming a unified body with their employees to meet the incessant challenges. For them, this is the era of Business Solidarity.    


In a market where the unexpected is the norm, where stress and lack of trust overwhelm the Greek workforce, Business Leaders in Greece are called to go the extra mile and create, contemplate, regain trust, motivate, excel, and succeed. Their main tools? Less tangible than usual: Ethics, Inspiration, and Communication.


 Sophia Halkidou, Founder of wellenwide


Corporate communication, PR, and organisational development expert. In 1999, she was the Head communication expert of the EU TACIS programme for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for improving and supporting the public information in the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident. 

For 27 years, she has been helping corporations, smes, and socents:
> build their unique brand narrative, 
> grow their corporate families,and
> become companies to admire

Sophia holds a BA in Theater and Drama, and a BA in French Literature & Culture.


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