talking for Reputation in a Country “thriving” into recession, Greece


I’ve been in the Greek Reputation Management market for more than two decades and there are still moments that I doubt on whether there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Reputation is all about excellence, values, morals, transparency, good practices, innovation, and trustfulness. Hence, in a Country where corruption has been considered the key reason of today’s financial situation, it’s obvious that he who would talk about Reputation risks to be laughed at.



In times where Greeks are striving to survive, and Greek employers, who (under the pressure of the exigent taxes, the cash flaw gaps and the reduction of their share market) risk to become prone to cruelties, Reputation seems to be a luxury issue for the never land.


But is it really so? If the solution for escaping from the current recession is development, then, how this could be achieved without investing in enterprises’ most valuable intangible asset? Can we afford to ignore what Reputation can bring to our Country, our Companies, our everyday lives?


Good Reputation is a prerequisite for development, in good times and in bad times. However, it’s up to the enterprises, their BoDs, and their CEOs to choose which path to follow: the path of corruption and short term profits, or the path of good reputation and corporate longevity.


Whichever the choice, one thing remains to be remembered: money can't buy good Reputation; at least not for too long.




Sophia Halkidou, Founder of wellenwide


Corporate communication, PR, and organisational development expert. In 1999, she was the Head communication expert of the EU TACIS programme for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for improving and supporting the public information in the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident. 

For 27 years, she has been helping corporations, smes, and socents:
> build their unique brand narrative, 
> grow their corporate families,and
> become companies to admire

Sophia holds a BA in Theater and Drama, and a BA in French Literature & Culture.


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