wellenwide supports the Walk With Me project


wellenwide is the Communication supporter of the Walk With Me project, a crowdfunding project of an inspiring social entrepreneur, Maria Karakostanoglou.


Sharing our knowledge and expertise and undertaking the storytelling on the project's social media, we increased the awareness levels. Today, Maria is fulfilling her big dream: she is in Peru  improving the future of 15,000 primary school students!


So honoured to be walking with you, Maria!


Do you wish to know more? Take a minute to read Maria's inspiring story https://goo.gl/Db57XH


Caption:  Maria Karakostanoglou, the Greek Brain Gym instructor and Initiator of the Walk With Me project- sparkling joy as she walks her path of offering, collaborating, teaching, inspiring, and improving lives in societies in need.


#WalkWithMe #wellenwide #DreamsMatter

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