What sets us apart as a communication and PR firm is our passion for what we do and our commitment to an ethical business ecosystem 





wellenwide is an independent Athens-based corporate affairs and PR firm founded in 2000 by Sophia Halkidou, a former General Manager at Action PR Hellas and Ikon Porter Novelli, and Head communication expert of the EU TACIS NUREG 9309 programme for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine (1999-2001).


Our Added Value

Our rich business background

Our involvement in a vast array of communication programmes and pr campaigns, and our exposure to diverse corporate cultures, industries, and business models allow us to deliver a winning strategy to our clients.


Our horizontal structure

At wellenwide, we have opted for a horizontal structure, entrusting our clients’ day-to-day communication and pr needs to senior experts. That helped us reassure high levels of excellence and greater client satisfaction.


Our strong analytical skills

Strange as it may sound, at wellenwide we use the arts as our Interlocutor to bring an innovative and fresh perspective to the communication and pr table. For, analysis and critical thinking are the pillars of the arts.


Our innovative services

Our flagship? Artwaykening™, a demanding arts-and-business-based methodology for the enhancement of internal communication, soft skills, and organisational creativity.




Our Vision




Every day, we make sure to contribute to our ideal business ecosystem; an ecosystem that stimulates passion, empathy, and intellectual appetite as a means to overcome obstacles, accommodate diversity, and reach innovative solutions;

In our ecosystem, excellence is fundamental part of the evolution.




Connect with us

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Postal address: Impact Hub Athens, wellenwide, 
28, Karaiskaki str, 10554 Greece
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