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PR & Corporate Affairs 

We have an extensive portfolio of communications programs and PR campaigns and have been exposed to different corporate cultures, industries and business models.  Which is why we can deliver a winning strategy to our clients.

brand awareness & reputation management

We work with CEOs and Heads of MaCom Operations and of HR to develop external and internal communication strategies, build a corporate narrative, raise the company profile, effectively engage staff across all locations, and ensure potential reputation risk issues are identified and mitigated.

Our exposure to diverse corporate cultures, industries, and business models and our involvement in a vast array of communication programmes and PR campaigns, allow us to outline strategies, that secure good communication and stakeholder engagement.



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press office

Press Office remains one of the most effective ways to publish your own brand narrative and thus generate leads, enhance bonds with the stakeholders, and build a stronger corporate reputation.  


At wellenwide, we pride ourselves on our successful 23-year track record in a wide range of Press Office and Media Relations management projects with demanding and challenging goals.

Public Speaker

crisis communication

For the last 30 years, our specialists have been helping corporate leaders avoid their own and their companies’ downfall, restore their reputation and achieve remarkable communications impact on a number of occasions, such as *product failures and recalls, *customer complaints, *fabrications and lawsuits *local community relations disorder, *natural disaster, *environmental harm, *human-error accidents, *industrial accidents, *low employee morale, *strikes, *executive’s suicide, *product withdrawals, etc.


Do you want to know more about how you can protect your company's reputation?


Send us your request at for a free one-hour session about crisis preparedness and crisis communication.


We will be happy to meet you!

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bespoke media/market intelligence

We monitor the Greek market on behalf of organisations that plan to invest in the Greek market or already have an established presence there.


Leading companies that consider investing in Greece or have an established presence there have opted for our services.


The main reason is that our model is based on human intelligence rather than just algorithms and keywords.

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employee engagement

Our long-lasting experience in internal relations and labour union relations helps our clients develop communication and engagement programmes that enhance their performance and team spirit, and help their employees become more aligned with the corporate culture and values.

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