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Creative Industries

According to the European Commission, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are, at the dawn of the 21st century, undergoing considerable change as a result of increased digital technologies, the economic crisis of the past several years, and considerable changes in the regulatory framework.


However, despite the considerable potential of CCIs, estimated to be responsible for over 3% of the EU's gross domestic product and jobs, they remain undervalued and unrecognised, especially in terms of their ability to access start-up capital and financing.


At wellenwide, we plan to be part of the CCIs development both in Greece and Europe. Our Founder's background in the Arts, business, and corporate communication has led her develop Artwaykening™, the first training methodology in Greece that uses the teaching methodologies of the arts to enhance the soft skills, and in particular the productivity & creativity of employees & top executives. 

“Business has much to learn from the arts... Studying the arts can help business people communicate more eloquently… Studying the arts can also help companies learn how to manage bright people…Studying the art world might even hold out the biggest prize of all - helping business become more innovative.
Companies are scouring the world for new ideas. In their quest for creativity, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries” 
Schumpeter on arts based learning in “The Art of Management” The Economist February 2011

Apart from Artwaykening, at wellenwide we have developed tailor made training programmes that introduce the artists in the business world.


Our services are addressed to the Artists that: 

  • need to undertake an executive role in a cultural organisation,

  • plan to establish theirown company or NGO

  • wish to improve their current business.

  • wish to enhance their reputation

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship education

  • Business coaching

  • Online reputation (social media storytelling)

  • Brand development

  • Press Office 

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