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Community Relations, Market Intelligence, Crisis Management, Media Training, Soft Skills Training, at interim Corporate Communication positions

Energy & Sustainability

The dynamic, creative energy industry is moving in dozens of different directions to power the needs of the global community. Green power, disrupting technologies, and innovation dominate the energy landscape worldwide. 


Apart from tourism and food, Greece is an advantageous land when it comes to energy. Energy companies operate in a complex, challenging environment where regulatory reforms and market liberalisation are steadily shaping a new energy scenery. When change happens, communication becomes a priority.  

At wellenwide, we have been part of the energy evolution in Greece since 2001. 

  • We work with CEOs and Communications Officers to develop a sustainable strategy that will crisis-proof their brands and allow the organisation to maintain relationships of trust with the local communities and key stakeholders.

  • We generate positive publicity in the local and national media (press and digital)

  • We deliver insights that help CEOs and Marketing Officers monitor their brand, understand the competition, and track industry trends

  • We train the technical executives in soft skills to help them improve their communication skills and techniques.

  • We deliver bespoke media training to spokespersons of the energy industry.

  • We cover, ad interim, Corporate Communication positions. 

Connect with us

Tel: +30 210 2137323 |
Postal address: Impact Hub Athens, wellenwide, 
28, Karaiskaki str, 10554 Greece
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