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In 2018, we made time for you

2018 was a turning point for wellenwide. We experienced growth and change. We welcomed new clients and partnerships while we said goodbye to beloved parents. Yet, during this demanding journey, we chose not to stop supporting those who care and dare.

Therefore, in 2018, we made time and offered 150 hours of free strategic consulting to young entrepreneurs and social change-makers.

During our meetings, we helped them realise that dreams matter as long as they have a voice. And thus, we helped them find their distinctive tone of voice.

We showed them that communication is life, and just like life, it has its structure. And so, we instructed them on how to structure this intangible asset.

We disclosed that relations and engagement is the outcome of communication. And so we showed them how to use the communication channels to build stronger bonds with their audiences and business partners.

We had listened to their fear and worries and told them that fear and worries will always be escorting their journey, but it is their resilience to challenges and change that will define their success.

“What if we fail?” said they. And we asked them to keep in mind that death is part of life and failure part of success, never the other way around.

And soon after, we saw them standing up readier than ever to step into their dreams and make them happen. And it felt good to have made time for them.



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