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Nudge PR and wellenwide announce partnership

London based Nudge PR and Athens based Wellenwide are delighted to announce a partnership between the two PR agencies to offer their respective services to clients and contacts within the food and drink industry.

Greek food and drink companies who wish to enter the UK market and promote their brands and products to an increasingly interested UK audience can now engage Wellenwide to facilitate this and work with Nudge on strategy and implementation across a range of PR services.

Nudge PR is a London based PR consultancy who specialize in food and drink. They pride themselves on being one of the best connected agencies in the industry and work with national brands to artisan producers. Managing Director Kate Johns says ‘We’re delighted to be partnering with Wellenwide to promote Greek products in the UK. We’ve noticed a growth in popularity of Greek food and wine here and think it’s the ideal time for brands to launch to the UK market.’

Wellenwide is an independent communication and PR consultancy based in Athens. Since their launch in 2000 they’ve worked with large companies, entrepreneurs, SME’s and start-ups and have an ethical approach towards their business and support of their clients.

Sophia Halkidou founder of Wellenwide says ‘We welcome our partnership with Nudge PR, a strategic stakeholder in food and drink PR market. Our partnership allows us to address the needs of the Greek food and drink industry for unique communication solutions which will enhance their competitiveness and sustainability in the challenging Greek market, as well as, in one of the world's leading business and consumer markets, the UK.”

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•    wellenwide, corporate affairs and PR,  o    Impact Hub Athens, 28 Karaiskaki Str, 10554, Greece o    Contact:



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