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Talking for reputation in a country plunging into recession, Greece

by Sophia Halkidou, founder of wellenwide

I’ve been in the Greek Reputation Management industry for more than two decades and there are still moments that I doubt whether there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Reputation is all about excellence, values, morals, transparency, good practices, innovation, and trustfulness. Hence, in a country where corruption has been considered to have played a pivotal role in its deep financial recession, it’s obvious that those who talk about reputation risk being laughed at. But here's the thing: we can no longer afford to ignore what a good reputation can bring to our country, our companies, our everyday lives

In a country under persistent recession, reputation may seem a luxury issue for the never land. But businesses in Greece can no longer achieve development without investing in their most valuable intangible asset: their good name.

A good reputation is a prerequisite for development, in good times and in bad times.

But, while Greek citizens have been striving to survive for 13 years now, Greek employers have been at risk of becoming prone to cruelties as they feel the pressure from exigent taxes, cash flow gaps, and reduction of their market share.

Therefore, it’s up to the very same businesses, their BoDs, and their CEOs to opt for cruelty, corruption, and short term profits, or for good reputation, ethics, and corporate longevity.

Whichever their choice, one thing needs to be remembered: money can't buy a good reputation; at least not for too long.



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