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wellenwide sets foot in the symbol of energy transition!

wellenwide was thrilled to be part of a private tour of Energy Observer, a former racing catamaran and now a floating test lab, and the first energy self-sufficient boat with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions which arrived in Athens, the 20th stopover of its global tour.

Thanks to our host, the General Manager of Novotel Athens and member of AccorHotels and AccorInvest, Mr. Evripides Tzikas, yesterday June 21st 2018 we had had the chance to set foot in the world's first hydrogen vessel and symbol of energy transition as both AccorHotels and AccorInvest are partners of Energy Observer!

Such an honor and privilege to discuss with the pioneers of tomorrow's energies!

Thank you Novotel Athens! Thank you Group AccorHotels!



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