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Press Office, Social Media, Media & Presentation Training


Tech PR is expected to explode in the forthcoming years. The rise of emerging tech -Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and Artificial intelligence- affects the overall marketing and communication industry.


Our leading team has been part of tech development in Greece since 1996. They have been Press Office consultants for leading companies, among them: Intel, Compaq,  Samsung, AMD (Advanced Microsystems Devices, INC), Nokia, Panasonic, D-Link, Computer Associates, ANCO S.A., Oracle, and ACE-Hellas.

Are you a tech company that wishes to increase visibility, credibility, and trust among your stakeholders? Here is what we can do for you!


  • A consumer-friendly translation and adaptation of your press releases into the Greek language

  • Dissemination of your Press Releases to an extended and up-to-date print and digital media

  • Media Intelligence. Monitoring of what is being written about you, your competitors, and the tech market in Greece

  • Media reporting, measurements, and assessments 

  • Coordination of product reviews

  • Press briefings (one-on-one, press lunches, press conferences)


We help you build stronger bonds with your audiences in social media by delivering strategic content and storytelling.


If you plan to get your company, product, service or yourself in front of the media, consumers, politicians, policymakers and investors, then we are here to help you increase your effectiveness.

Since 2000, wellenwide has been offering the highest standards of media training and presentation skills coaching to Greek and multinational corporations

During the wellenwide media and presentation skills training, your spokespersons will be exposed to communication techniques that will help them:

  • identify their personal communication style 

  • increase the effectiveness of their communication (both content and presentation techniques)

  • minimize their stress when acting under pressure, and

  • stretch their communication performance when dealing with challenging situations

Connect with us

Tel: +30 210 2137323 |
Postal address: Impact Hub Athens, wellenwide, 
28, Karaiskaki str, 10554 Greece
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