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Media have become an even more powerful entity worldwide, striking with news from one unfortunate incident to another, each more extreme than the one before, and all amplified by social media conversation and sharing.

This is why well-qualified spokespersons are among the most wanted professionals. Their communication skills can save corporate and personal reputations in times of a crisis.

No company is immune to crisis


While crises appear more frequently in some industries and affect larger organizations differently from their smaller counterparts, all companies are vulnerable if they are not efficiently prepared and effectively media-trained.


The fiascos of canned responses

Most PR fiascos occur from spokespersons trained using «cure-all» media techniques, while crises call for a unique, customized management at each occasion.


Media Training Methodology

Bespoke Crisis Media Training

When handling a crisis, soft skills are ultimately more important for spokespersons to successfully navigate the demanding environment.

our methodology

Our comprehensive media training program equips participants with tools to confidently manage media interactions in high-pressure situations for effective crisis communication.

Step 1 : Diagnostics

Our comms coaches

  • Take a comprehensive brief and supplement it with their own research.

  • Conduct an assessment and come up with the essential elements to include in the specific media training structure.

  • Adjust their training styles to fit the trainees’ needs, depending on their company and story, making it a totally custom-built coaching session.

Step 2 : Simulation 

The spokespeople

  • Are exposed to a variety of media and arts-based techniques so that corporate strengths and weaknesses may emerge.

  • Get introduced to the roles, needs and tactics of the traditional and digital media landscape.

  • Are subject to on-camera interviews with real-life reporters stimulating actual scenarios, where they are called to answer interview questions tailor suited to their specific job. This could include live interviews, a press conference etc. All interviews are recorded, played back and analyzed.

  • Have the opportunity to correct their tone of voice, articulation, wording, content and its structure, syntax, posture, outfit, interaction with the reporter and engagement with the camera. 

  • Most importantly, they learn how to minimize their stress when acting under pressure and how to stretch themselves even during difficult and demanding situations.

Step 3 : Evaluation

Our training team

  • Evaluate the overall presentation performance and suggests strategies to sharpen the spokespersons’ positive traits and remedy the negative ones.

  • Recommend steps to take the spokespersons’ media skills to the next level.

Media Training our head expert

our head expert

Our head expert, Sophia Halkidou, is a seasoned crisis media trainer with an extended portfolio in helping international and Greek corporations build their reputation, as well as, protect and restore it during ✓natural disasters ✓environmental harm ✓human-error accidents ✓industrial accidents ✓gradual downsizing of companies during financial recession ✓low employee morale ✓labour strikes, executive suicide ✓product failures and recalls ✓customer complaints ✓fabrications and lawsuits ✓local community relations disorders.

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